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Spirit Room

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Spirit Room

Post by Admin on Sun Sep 06, 2015 1:11 am

The Spirit Room in Jerome AZ is located on the right hand side as you come to junction with the upper road. The main entrance faces the corner and has another smaller entrance on the north side on the eastern end of building right next to the entrance to the hotel above. The hotel above the Spirit Room has been there since the building was built. There are 10 rather large rooms with a central gathering area. The Spirit Room itself boasts a long bar against the south wall with bathrooms located just east of bar with a payphone seperating the two. The bar is made from oak and is highly polished. The floor is bare wood and is made from old stained planking. The wall section behind the bar boasts a mirror that runs the length of the bar with a beautiful mural of the Lady in Red who haunts this bar and hotel. Also pictured in the mural is a smoking gun and a poker hand of aces and eights. If you listen closely late at night when all in town are supposedly in bed or at least home, you can hear the ghosts of miners gambling away their paychecks.

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