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Welcome to Jerome

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Welcome to Jerome

Post by Admin on Fri Sep 04, 2015 9:35 am

We are set in the Arizona mountains loosely based  in Jerome AZ which is high desert. Also based in a hospital that has a older hospital under it that had sunk into a mine shafts area and was abandoned. The new hospital was built on top of it so Elysium will be in older haunted hospital underneath new one known vamps will have a special pass to allow them to get to Elysium and humans will be like aware guards. There is also an old incinerator in the lower part of old hospital for body disposal. The small town of Jerome is also known as a particularly haunted copper mining town. Some gold was found there but not in the quantities that the copper was and the copper was more readily mined. The streets in the main section is lined with shops restaurants and coffee houses. Homes abound above and below the town's main street making it very hard to get around as everything tends to slide downhill hence the statement "nothing in Jerome is on the level". The town in summer is a tourist trap waiting to happen as people flock there for sight seeing. In The winter Jerome will get a light dusting of snow to a couple feet od snow depending on the air currents. It is located on the south side or 'bastard' side of Mingus Mountain. There is a strange phenomenon in both spring and fall that happens without fail. Tarantulas. In spring they migrate though the center of town up the side of the mountain to the slightly cooler high ground. In Fall they flee the top of the mountain and head to the valley below where there is less snow in winter.

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